LOGPH 6 1/2 07/16/23
Indicative Bid (Client Sell) Indicative Offer (Client Buy)
93.592 96.429
Indicative Bid Yield to Worst Indicative Offer Yield to Worst
10.913% 8.908%
Sell Buy
Bond Risk
CPY Risk Level 3
Risk Profile

High Risks

Offer to Professional Investor Only YES
Bond required derivative Knowledge (Y/N) NO
Remaining Tenor 1.61 yr.
Bond Information
ISIN XS2027337786


Maturity Date 16/7/2023
Currency USD
Coupon Rate% 6.5000
Coupon Frequency Semi Annual
Coupon Type FIXED
Bond sector Financial
Bond Sub sector Real Estate
Payment Rank Sr Unsecured
Moody's Rating N/A
S&P Rating BB-
Amount Issued 400MM
Exchange SGX-ST
Minimum Investment 200000
Next Callable Date 31/12/2021
Next Callable Price 102
Next Puttable Date N/A
Next Puttable Price N/A
Minimum Investment Amount 200000
Minimum Increment Amount 1000
Special Features
Related Securities
Securities Code 3380 HK
Securities Name



M: Represent every 1,000

Complex Product Disclaimer:

This bond is a complex product and that investor should exercise caution in relation to the product.

Risk associated with investing in Complex Product

1. Complex bonds are bonds with special features (including but not limited to, perpetual or subordinated bonds, or those with variable or deferred interest payment terms, extendable maturity dates, or those which are convertible or exchangeable or have contingent write down or loss absorption features, or those with multiple credit support providers and structures) and/or bonds comprising one or more special features.

2. The offering memorandums of the complex bond have not been reviewed by the SFC and investors are advised to exercise caution in relation to the offer.

3. Past performance of bond is not indicative of future performance.

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